Welcome to

is sovereign nation State of Kanienke

and is affiliated with Akwesasne and Saint Regis Indians, sovereign nation States of Kanienke;

all being corporation soles. Kanienkehaka being member of the Menkwe Confederation.

None of the above are within or part of State of New York, United States, United States of America or any other British Crown slave states; and are foreign, thereto.

Lone Wolf Territory

c/o RD 489, South Hammond Road


Lone Wolf Territory, Kanienke

[near 13646-4303]

We have received mail at above address from three United States District Court, and a County Government.

It is a valid mail location.

Lone Wolf Territory is sustainable community dedicated to advancement of Onkwehonwe and return of land to our rightful control, instead of being under control of present foreign fascist police state.

The land we are now upon was originally occupied by Sawekatsi, people of peace and brotherly love.

We are located near Kanwake (St. Lawrence River), lying mainly between Nikahionhakowa (Black Creek) and Osakentake (Grass Creek); though, some of our lands are located alone shore of Katsenekwar (Yellow Lake).

At present we have possession by deed or land patent about 3700 acres, about 2500 acres is comprised of wetlands or waterways.

The Great Law of Peace, Kaianerehkowa, is primary rule of law throughout this Territory, however, within municipality of Druryville, place of refuge; the Great Law of Love and Peace reign as shield from foreign law and usurpers. English Common Law, Roman Civil Law, Dutch-Roman Civil Law, Admiralty Law and Babylonian Talmudic Law are unacceptable foreign law, upon this continent, of the slave traders and polluters of the earth, who are, at present, are attempting remove us from our land through on going fraudulent taxation, and court and police actions.

The Tree of Peace Society at Akwesasne owns land, about one mile away, near beginning of South Hammond Road, which road runs through heart of this Territory. What is most interesting is that large number of the families, who live in this area are of okwehonwe descent and have expressed approval of our presence and goals. Land adjoining northern board of Druryville was purchased this year by okwehonwe family. This is good and they are good neighbors. How long before others will follow? Kanienkehaka in August 2012 declared this territory and approximately 33 square miles of surrounding area under protection of Rotisken'rakéhte, which encompasses most land between Nikahionhakowa and Otsikwake.

The Warrior Flag has flown over our offices in Druryville, since July 2011, and the land has been posted as Lone Wolf Territory since May 2010; however, someone is continually stealing our boundary signs and posted signs along Robb Road, which read:
Entering LONE WOLF TERRITORY, Leaving STATE of NEW YORK. Though, we keep putting new boundary and posted signs right backup, because under International Law it is import to maintain the posting of ones own borders. However, since we installed security cameras, capturing half dozen trespassers on film, the theft of signs has virtually ceased.

We hope to encourage 20 to 40 new families to move to this Territory and help purchase or secure the surrounding land. We anticipate on creating 10 to 40 jobs in the next five years, all depending on how much support receive in building this covenant community.

We have our own National Wildlife Refuge already established under the management of Grass Lake Wildlife Management. This refuge is about 2200 acres of wetlands and waterways. Construction of a campground, Camp Beaver, began the summer of 2011. At present the campground is capable of handling about 10 campers; however, there is no facilities at present. Spiritual and survival classes are taught throughout the summer.

Two business that plan on opening in this territory are Lone Wolf Trading Post and Druryville Power Company.

There are others looking forward to opening here as this community develops.

We expect to see a hydro and solar power plant, medical clinic, post office, bank and service station all opening here in near future.

This is a map of the heart of Lone Wolf Territory

We are serious about building and advancing this new nation State. Below is sample of what our auto placards look like.

These are similar to the placards being used in Tennessee by the Cherokee and Washitaw Nations.

They have won cases in Tennessee and Kansas over State cops trying to stop the use thereof.

The Washitaw are now suing the State of Tennessee for trespass against their Rights.

The State of New York wishes to be next, since the State has continued action against Regent of Druryville for exercising of this Right.. The gangsters running State of New York tend to be hard headed, greedy and cold blooded murders. They enjoy operating monopolies and skimming off profits at expense of the people.

The Tuscarora and Saint Regis Indians are preparing to use similar placards, as well.

The follow are examples of placards being used by other Okwehonwe Nations. Such placards are being arbitrarily declared illegal or frauds against the corporate fascist States. These actions are being taken by State Police in some States resulting from training film produce by Southern Rural Poverty Law Center, which film encourages Police to harass anyone using such placards. The video instructs officers to ticket or arrest everyone that they possibly can, who use “Indian” placards. The video even goes as far as encouraging officers to murder all such victims, if they think they can justify such action. Which is why the New York State Police are harassing Regent of Druryville, at present. The corporate slave States do not want Onkwehonwe Nations to exercise this Right, because they will then be require recognize our Right of Sovereignty. The slave States claim that we must seek their permission in all that we do, claiming they have exclusive rights on sovereignty and that we must pay them homage and tribute, for they are deities. HOGWASH!

The United Nation's Declaration on Right of Indigenous People, which took effect in March 2013, and the landmark case, Harry Daniels v Her Majesty the Queen, 2013 FC 6, a 175 page decision, decided January 8, 2013, after twelve years of deliberation, both declare that we have the Right of self determination. And, that the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Federal Government, or Queen have no authority or right to require us to seek their consent or recognition.

The US Attorneys and the USDC in the case listed below are claiming all Longhouses must have the Bureau of Indian Affairs recognition. What arrogance and holier then thou attitude do they demonstrate, acting in violation of the above two superior laws and their own Bill of Rights, since such recognition violates the First Article in Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America. What is even further ironic is that they brought their unlawful complaint in the name of the United States of America, when their law requires complaint to be brought in name of the United States.

We have one more placards that we will be posting.


Rarahkwisere: Okwaho

Rarahkwisere is a headman (chief) of the Kanienkehaka Kianerehkowa Kanonsesne (Traditional Longhouse). He is corporation sole (trustee) and Hoyaneh for Akwesasne; and he is Ambassador of Saint Regis Indians and Lone Wolf Territory. Like Victor-Jacob, he was being persecuted by the United States for exercising his Right to Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. He was denied Right of speedy trial, Right of Defense, Right of Due Process, Right to Counsel of Choice, Right of reasonable Bail, and was held as a POW by the United States for 325 days (since December 18, 2013) without trial, authority or jurisdiction. The US Attorner was attempting to make an example of him to make others to be good little slaves. On September 9, 2013, the Black Robed Devil order him to plea guilty or face remaining in prison for a very long time. Rarahkwisere was not guilty of charges the US government has brought against and three other chiefs. See court documents that show the fraud being perpetrated by the US against a sovereign nation State in attempt to force the people to submit to the rule of the US's communist regime.

Abraham Springstein (Lincoln) was the first Marxist to ever rule a Nation, and to setup and established the first Communist Nation in the world, called the United States, district of criminals. Which Nation's policy has been to genocide ALL people, who do not submit to its totalitarian rule. Now do you comprehend the adventures of the 3rd Calvary, which went blazing westward pillaging and burning every village in their path ahead of the western push of the railroad, Colonel George Custer, or others. Old yellow hair was a tyrant, who had his eyes on becoming dictator over this Land. He did not plan on getting “barbered”!

Trial began October 31, 2013, and the prosecutor did a great job boring the jury to death with endless monotonous and meaningless questioning. The Judge, realizing the prosecution was losing its case, released Ambassador Rarahkwisere from jail on November 8, 2013. There was a probability that this Case may have been declared a mistrial the second week of November. If that would have happened, the case would have just simply gone away, since the Court did not wish to set a precedence in case law with this trial, and the “Rights of Indigenous People” in America was what was at stake. However, none of the Defense Attorners argued in defense of this main issue.

The US Attorner bored the jury with all of its inflated exaggeration for weeks. The US Attorner claimed the divine right of kings and that the United States was the supreme ruler of this Land (I think not!), and that we must submit to its authority. On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, the jury returned a no bill, stating the US Attorner did not prove its claims. Men of the Men's Council of Kanienkehaka Kaianerehkowa Kanonsesne were found NOT GUILTY. However, who will pay for the lose of business by Three Feathers? Who will pay for the lose of time and money it has cost these men resulting from this malicious persecution (prosecution)? Who will pay for Ambassador Rarahkwisere's 325 day stay in their iron bar hotels? We are talking billions of dollars of damages caused by the United States Attorners with their witch hunt; and the black robed devils of the United States District Courts supported this witch hunt, in an attempt to protect the good-old-boy system and their mob (gangster) connections, who think that they have the divine right to enslave us.

The reign of terror of divine right kings is over and they refuse to accept it. The United Nation's Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People took effect in March 2013. Both the UN Declaration and Harry Daniels v Her Majesty the Queen (See this Case on next page), which was handed down on January 8, 2013, declare that each Onkwehonwe Nation has the Right of self determination. The Recognition of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is no longer required. The nanny State is over, if we are willing to claim it, and throwout the carpet beggars, sellouts and traitors; and start acting like a sovereign People. We cannot go begging for doggie treats and continue to slop at their hog trough and expect to be free. The District of Criminal created Tribal Councils must go, and those created by Her Majesty the Queen, as well. To be free we can no longer submit to reign of terror of these foreign entities. And, it is important that we post our borders; and then expel the unlawful paramilitary occupations, which robes our substance and terrorize our people.